Standing point Update and news

The newest version of Standing point can be downloaded over at

Standing point UPDATE

-fish added
-no more font problems

i added fish to the game to appear in the water.

new download

Standing point: the final strong hold v 0.9

New version of my first game standing point.

-game over screen added
-about button works
-controls listed by puting mouse over question mark on start screen
- press ESC at anytime to exit

Standing point: the final strong hold v 0.8

new version to my first game Standing point: the final strong hold.

more prone to updates
may fix font bug

standing point is going to be put on caiman

I submitted my game to (freeware gaming website) and rudy (site's owner) decided to put it on the site. if your reading thanks rudy.

Standing point: the final strong hold v 0.7

Latest download for my first game Standing point. im still hesitating to post my earlier work.

-more starting ammo
-ammo crates
-fixed crow bug

Download: point the final strong hold.exe



New Blog.

If only to back up my work, i created this blog to share with everyone my games i have made. please check back later for updates on my latest game, Standing point: The final strong hold